My followers who are Christian anarchists know how much I’m squealing like a little kid getting ice cream right now: I’ve got a piece up at ReKnew, Greg Boyd’s site! Check it out:

But “neighbor” isn’t a favored term of the culture wars, is it? Caught up in inflammatory rhetoric—in accusations of hate speech and sin, of immorality and inflexibility—it’s all too easy to see our cultural foils as anything but our neighbors. Yet whatever we decide about politics and the Bible’s teaching on these topics, “love thy neighbor” must be our main culture war tactic. Because even if they’re wrong on every issue, people on the other side of the culture wars are people Jesus died to save.

And we have not been patient, we have not been kind.

We have envied, we have boasted, we have been proud in our own righteousness.

We have dishonored others, we have been self-seeking, we have been easily angered, we have kept many records of wrongs.

We have taken pleasure in the failings of our opponents and made the truth serve our purposes.

We have placed political victory above forbearance, trust, hope, and loyalty.

Lord, have mercy.

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Digest exactly what that means. If Congress is spied upon without their permission, who exactly is in charge of the government?
Rand Paul (via hipsterlibertarian)

Who invited you?

Supreme Court Justice says "Northern Liberal Elites worse than segregated South".


Glad someone finally said it.

Hell Yeah


Make yourself happy.

Make happiness the goal of your life.

The people who truly care about you will want that for you.

The people you’re supposed to be around will make you happy, not miserable.


That’s why we’re here.



Russian troops cross the border in Ukraine



Russian troops cross the border in Ukraine


Feminists already have those ‘rights’ but they just want immunity from judgement and respect by default regardless of how they look, dress or behave. Yet, it’s acceptable for them to show zero respect towards men, demonise them, shame them, ridicule them, harshly judge them and even go as far as restricting their freedom and taking away their rights. You want your double standards, THERE IT IS!